Composite Headstones handmade in Ireland
using Advanced Polymer Technology
Lifetime Guarantee
Patent Pending
Easy Clean- Just takes a wet wipe, no sandblasting.
Stone is porous, Composites are not, Algae and Mould
stay on the surface only, cannot penetrate like stone.
Light weight - High strength.
Can be installed almost immediately.
Environmentally friendly- No quarrying involved.
Low cost compared to stone.
Repairable if damaged.
Made from modern High Tech Materials.
Can be personalised with pictures.
Will not sink after heavy rain.
Can include a hollow cavity for Cremation ashes.
Only €1000 for a standard size ( within 50 mile radius)
Enquire for smaller sizes and bespoke designs.

Also Headstone  Refacing using Polycarbonate.
Headstone Cleaning and Inscriptions using new
Vacuum Blasting Technology.
No Water-No Chemicals-No Mess.
Eco Friendly as abrasives are recycled and recirculated within the system. Completely safe and self contained.
Paint stripped, Graffiti Removed, Stone and Brick cleaned etc.
See Video below for demonstration

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for the cheapest Headstones anywhere.

Fibreglass Composite Headstones, the elegant and cost effective alternative to stone.

Unique and exclusive, this is a worlds first. There is nothing like it anywhere. New Age Memorials are proud to bring to you a memorial made completely by hand, bespoke and individual. These memorials are crafted from the finest modern materials because of their superior qualites when compared to traditional stone memorials.

They are designed to look like traditional headstones, with design and engineering input from Design Core, the External Design Consultancy situated in the Carlow Institute of Technology. They are strong, but light. They are maintenance free and repairable if damaged. They can be made in different shapes and styles.

They are environmentally friendly as they are hand made and not blasted and quarried.

All the above qualities distinguish Irish Handcrafted Headstones  from the typical Headstone made of stone.

But there are two differences which makes them absolutely unique and which stone can never compete with; they can be made solid or hollow, and they are made of unitary construction.

Hollow because, with the rise in Cremations, for the first time ever, now there is a headstone that  can also be used as an urn to hold the ashes.

Unlike stone, these headstones can be made with an internal cavity to hold the ashes from a cremation. Because of the strength of Composites, this cavity does not affect the strength or durability of the headstone.The ashes are sealed in a watertight compartment inside the body of the headstone.

A traditional stone headstone comprises a plinth and the upright, the join between the two pieces is a weakness.  Composite Headstones are made as a complete unit, all one piece for added strength.

These headstones are comparable to polished Granite for durability
at a fraction of the cost. They do not compete with Limestone or Marble which are soft stones and so are prone to damage from rain and weathering. Composites are completely immune to weathering.

These are not cheap headstones, these are alternatives to stone that just happen to do the same thing for a fraction of the cost

It was this innovation that allowed New Age Memorials to reach the finals of the Blueface Elevator New Business Awards in 2012.

All this for only €1000 .

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